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Spring 2021:

Child Abuse Prevention Center staff presented an action plan to CVCA members on May 18th, 2021.

The purpose of the presentation was to share findings from needs’ assessments, which applied the methodology of in-depth interviews. The needs’ assessments were organized and administered by Melissa Goan and completed during March and April 2021 with over 30 OES funded partners.

The needs’ assessments surveyed members’ referral processes, training interests, modality preferences, and technical assistance needs and requests. The findings from these assessments were synthesized and presented, and CVCA members gave feedback on whether the plan met their needs.

Besides presenting a content analysis of the qualitative data collected, the meeting was also spent connecting CVCA members with each other for the first time this year. Members expressed interests in engaging more intentionally in systems advocacy and strengthening member relations through the formation of small, work groups.

For those interested in viewing the presentation and discussion, the recording is available here. Passcode: UBiUi^@1

Action Plan Presentation


Winter 2020:

Child Abuse Prevention Center staff hosted two symposia that were created to support collaborative efforts in child and family service systems by bringing together leaders from the family strengthening, child advocacy, and victims services fields to increase support for advocates working with our communities.

The symposia topics, Serving Victims of Child Abuse and Neglect in Times of COVID-19 and Racial and Gender Equity in Victim Services, were designed and coordinated by a group of dedicated professionals from statewide and local agencies throughout California. The Symposium Advisory Committee worked diligently to ensure that the symposia reflected the diversity of the field and opened the door to innovative practices. Their dedication to the field and the coalition’s symposia are exemplary of collaboration across disciplines to maximize resources and provide more effective support services.

CVCA hopes that you will utilize these symposia to learn more about other efforts that are happening within the field and take the opportunity to network with other members, exchange ideas, and identify areas where collaboration between disciplines and agencies can be developed.

To learn more about CVCA’s virtual symposia, there is more information about each symposium’s synopsis, agenda, and Keynote speakers on their event pages.

Serving Victims of Child Abuse and Neglect in Times of COVID-19

Racial and Gender Equity in Victim Services